Canadian Chicken Coop
                               Canadian Chicken Coop 

First of all, you can be certain that after getting one of our coops, our support team will be with you as long as you need them.

The best coop !!!

All our coops has :

  • A cleaning trap
  • A nest accessible from outside
  • An outside opening and closing system for the enclosure 
  • Metal sheeting roof over the coop and run
  • An integrated food dispenser
  • Electricity outlet
  • Big front door
  • No air draft

Material Use :

  • 5/8'' Plywood floor (stained)
  • Legs in threated wood 4'' x 4''
  • 1'' thick plancks walls
  • Heavy dute hinges
  • Metal sheeting roof
  • Welded mesh wire for the enclosure
  • And more !




Don't hesitate and ask for a quote !


Hi Everybody ! 


The sales department is presently closed until October 6th 2020.


For a new order, please proceed by e-mail or CLICK HERE to fill up a form.


We'll answer our e-mails and quote when we'll be back. 


Thanks for your comprehension and talk to you soon ! 


Yannick and Vanessa 


P.S. The production team is still in operation.


To contact them, call at:

(819) 431-8355  (Michèle, Marie or Esteban)

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