Canadian Chicken Coop
                               Canadian Chicken Coop 

Up to 6 hens

You can choose Coop Only or Coop with Enclosure

The '' Star ''--- 949$ (+tx.)

Coop Only

Dimensions : 36'' x 40'' + Nest (10'' x 33'')


If you're limited in space, but you still want a good and strong coop, this model is a really good choice !

The '' Jim '' ---- 1499$    (+tx.)  XLT:+239$

Coop + Enclosure with roof


Coop : 36'' x 40'' + Nest (10'' x 33'')

Enclosure : 7' long x 5' wide x 6' high

Run under coop : 36'' x 40''  (89,99$)

XLT : 10' long x 5' wide x 6' high


This is our most popular model with a safe and dry enclosure. The best choice for City or Suburb

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Due to the crisis, we had to run the production with a low staff team, and that causes longer delays for the delivery (July)


But, we are on the essential businesses list and still operating. 


Thank you for your comprehension. 



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