Canadian Chicken Coop
                               Canadian Chicken Coop 

The Castle

For this Spring, our team buildt you the best coop on the market! This 4 seasons set-up has everything you can look for when you raise chickens.


Look at the video, pictures and don't hesitate to contact us for more informations !

Cleaning trap and herbal bin

3 doors

Nesting box, litter box and storing unit

Specifications :


- Coop : 4' x 5'

- Enclosure : 8' x 9'  (Winterized with plywood and plexi-glass)

- Stain (2 coats)

- 3 electrical outlet

- Nesting box, cleaning trap, 2 doors on the coop, 1 door on the enclosure, 2 ventilation traps

- Storage unit, litter box, herbal bin and second nesting box in the run...


Price : 6789$ (+tx.)

*Covid 19 : Due to the crisis, our 2 weeks usual time frame delivery is now 7 weeks. That means if you order this week, the delivery should be around may 22nd. 



Order a Baron or Kingdom before April 15th

Get :

20kg of food

Wood shave


3 Chickens

of the year


Visit our new model : The Castle



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