Canadian Chicken Coop
                               Canadian Chicken Coop 

Up to 25 hens

You can choose Coop only or with Enclosure

The Farmland 2199$ (+tx.)

Dimension : 72'' x 60''

+ Nest (10'' x 57'')

This is our biggest modular model. If you want to raise chickens for meat or a lot of hens, this would be your best choice.


To see pictures and specifications, CLICK here ! 

''Kingdom'' -- 3399$ (+tx.)


Coop : 72'' x 60''+ Nest (10'' x 57'')

Enclosure : 108'' L.  x 96'' W. x 84'' H

This model will give you enough room to satisfy your needs of raising as many bird as you want.



To see pictures and specifications, click here ! 

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The sales department is presently closed until October 6th 2020.


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