Canadian Chicken Coop
                               Canadian Chicken Coop 

Meat Chicken Coop 

Dimension of the floor : 8' x 6' 

Inside the coop : 6' 

11 vent traps 

Plywood for the ceiling

2 electrical outlet controled by a thermostat

Food dispenser 20 kilos

40" front door 

Guillotine door for chickens


Price : 4995$ +tx. 


Hi Everybody ! 


The sales department is presently closed until October 6th 2020.


For a new order, please proceed by e-mail or CLICK HERE to fill up a form.


We'll answer our e-mails and quote when we'll be back. 


Thanks for your comprehension and talk to you soon ! 


Yannick and Vanessa 


P.S. The production team is still in operation.


To contact them, call at:

(819) 431-8355  (Michèle, Marie or Esteban)

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