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Personalise Your Coop !

You can find here a few articles that can make your little farming easier.

Water or food dispenser ---- 49,95$ (+tx.)

This concept is really useful to keep your water clean.

If you put food instead of water, this will avoid the chickens from wasting food.

Mini Shed ---399$ (+tx.)                  Mini Shed stained ----499$ (+tx.)

Dimensions  : 24'' L. x 40'' L. x 50'' H. + 10'' legs

If you are searching for elegance and an easy way to stack your tools, food etc. this is a perfect setup.

Composter cedar box ----  389$ (+tx.)

This box is animal proof and lets the air do its job. Within a few months, your manure, food etc will be ready to use.

Dimensions : 36" L. x 36" L. x 36" H.


With the two doors concept, one on the top to put your stuff in and the other on the bottom to recuperate your compost, it make composting really easy and fast.


Automatic Door System ----- 299$ (+tx.)

This system will allow you to leave for a few days without any worries.

You chickens will be securely on the inside at night and having a good time outside during the day.

Outside nesting box ---- 129,99$ (+tx.)

Chickens love to lay outside during the summer time.

That's why we offer you this 48'' long exterior nesting box.

Food dispenser ---- 39,95$ (+tx.)

If you have a garden or you like to give bread, fruits and veggies to your chickens, this concept is pretty cool !

Tractor Run ---- 299,95$ (+tx.)

4' W x 6' L x 2' H

Top on hinges

On wheels

Offer your chickens the privilege of eating fresh grass on a daily basis. With our run on wheel, it's really easy to move them on your property, while keeping them under shade and protected from the rain. They will love to eat worms on a rainy day.

Extra Nest (+tx.)

Star / Jim : 149,95$

Country / Baron : 189,95$

Farmland / Kingdom : 209,95$

An extra nest offers more space.

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Spring 2021 Promotion

Order a coop with enclosure before

April 20th


And get:


- 3 Hens of the year

- 25 kg of grains

- 1 wood shave 


*No deposit needed*


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